Security is becoming increasingly important nowadays, considering how (generally) people around the world have assets that are worth far more than before. Besides, most places of business and larger homes and even some HDBs have security camera systems, and frankly we think everyone should start following suit. Why take the chance of possibly getting robbed and having a hard time identifying who did it?

But wait, we think we know why you’re hesitant on getting a surveillance system. It’s probably the seemingly exorbitant price, right? You might think that a surveillance system is expensive, and sure, you probably are right. But let’s take a look at how security camera systems are cost efficient, and why many places of businesses and homes employ this method of security.

Cheaper than employing guards

This, really, is one of the main reasons why many people choose security cameras over employing guards. When you employ guards, you must take into consideration expenses such as covering their health costs (especially if any injuries or other unforeseen circumstances are met in the line of duty), monthly salaries, among many other costs. Not to mention that you’ll probably have to hire more than one guard to do the job especially if the area you’re hiring them to secure to secure is large, since one person really wouldn’t be able to monitor a large area alone. This amounts to having to pay a lot of money per month for the services that security guards offer. In sharp contrast, a security camera system is a one-time investment, and there is no recurring cost, such as a salary (among many others).

Rarely need maintenance, if any

You might think security camera systems require some sort of maintenance work every now and then. They don’t. If you don’t damage the camera(s) or unless somehow the electric cabling system dies, the camera systems really don’t need any real maintenance. This saves you a lot of money in the long haul, and just goes to prove further that camera systems are just a one-time investment. We think it’s good reason to make an investment just once for some security, wouldn’t you agree?

Can last a (really) long time

Security guards might change jobs, retire and all, and it’s also worthy to note that you’re probably going to have to pay higher rates for new security guards as wage rates are only going up nowadays. I mean, we think it’s human nature to want a bigger salary, can’t really blame the guards, right? With security cameras, however, it’s different. They don’t retire, or change jobs, or charge larger salaries for their services as they stay longer. They are there to stay, as long as there’s an electrical supply and proper treatment from staff. You’ll never have to worry about the longevity of the camera systems; they could last decades, assuming there’s no real damage to the camera system itself.

Your assets are probably worth a lot more than a security camera system

Let’s face it. Whatever you’re securing with these security camera systems is probably worth a lot more than the amount that you’ll end up spending for setting up the security camera system. That’s also probably the biggest reason why anyone really considers setting up a security camera system. It’s worth the (possibly) hefty sum you’ll pay for the installation, since you’d end up losing a lot more than that much money if a theft or burglary really took place in the compound in your possession.

Looking at the reasons above, we strongly believe that security cameras are the way to go for securing your tangible assets, since they’re really cost effective. While they might cost you a bit of a hole in your wallet to install, we believe it is worth the price to protect the assets that you’re securing. And you needn’t look very far for a security camera solution. You’re looking at one! Our team at cctv Singapore can help you, if you’ve made the leap of faith to get a security camera system, because after all we’re just a call or email away.