As business organizations and individuals progress, so do people with malicious intentions such as hackers and thieves do. However, with the aid of the growth in technology, you can protect yourself and your business through installing security cameras. What makes the idea even better is the fact that you can make the cameras more efficient and helpful by linking it to your mobile phone. In this article, we will be presenting you with some reasons why we think this option is the best.

What is the importance of phone accessible security?

To begin with, phone accessible security cameras work by linking your android phone or any other mobile device to the security cameras at your place of residence or business. With them come the following features and benefits:


With the fact that you can access the security cameras from anywhere, you have the guarantee of convenience at any time of the day. For instance, you do not have to sit at your place of work monitoring the movements of everybody in the building. Instead, you can connect the security camera to your mobile device where you can be able to perform surveillance at any time that and place that you feel like.

Alarms you about any potential breach of security

It is true that you cannot always sit by your place of residence or business monitoring the videos recorded by the security camera. However, when you have the cameras linked to your mobile phone; it is easier to tell when there is a breach of security even when you are not in the target area. This will allow you to take the necessary action without anybody getting hurt.

Guarantees security

Phone accessible cameras provide more security that any other type of cameras. This is because nobody can tell when you are monitoring the cameras and re viewing the videos. Anybody who wants to breach security will therefore be left second-guessing and in the end, chances are he will opt against doing it.

You have guaranteed video quality

Watching security videos from your smartphone is just as clear as watching them from the TV set. In that case, you do not have to worry about not getting clear pictures and videos once you use your smartphone. When travelling for a business trip or away from your home, you can clearly see what is going on at your office or home. You will not have to strain your eyes.

How do you connect your smartphone to the security cameras?

The first thing that you need to do in order to achieve this is buying a new digital video recorder commonly referred to as (DVR) that has this feature. In addition to that, you have to make sure that your smartphone has the feature that allows you to connect to the DVR. The number of security cameras that your smartphone can handle is also another factor to consider. After that, you can connect the DVR to your smartphone and start enjoying quality services.

Phone accessible security footage as their name suggests refer to the type of cameras that allows you to connect their DVR to your smartphone. This brings you many benefits such as convenience and security guarantee amongst many others. You should strive to acquire the phone accessible security solutions as they are hugely beneficial.