Many businesses and organizations in Singapore nowadays use security cameras for surveillance. They are used to ensure that people work responsibly, they also help to maintain security in an area as some people may behave knowing that there is surveillance footage. There is a variety of security cameras each with different working methodology. They include box camera, dome camera, PTZ camera, bullet camera, IP camera, wide dynamic cameras and thermal cameras.

Most organizations use CCTVs (Closed Circuit TV) these types of cameras transmit videos and audio images to a monitor or a video recorder. The CCTVs are made in a way that they do not send signal to the public hence people are not aware that there are security cameras. Most of them are used for surveillance, which includes safety monitoring, spying and security monitoring. They have become popular with most people since they are quite affordable and reliable. They are found in places such as banks, casinos, offices, homes, streets, malls, airports and large department stores.

Security cameras are connected in different ways mainly wires connection and wireless connection. Wired connection means that the cameras are physically connected to a monitor using a cable. However, as the length of the cable increases so does the quality of the signal decreases. In the case of wireless connection, CCTV cameras use frequency to transmit the audios and videos to the monitor. Wireless cameras easily transmit surveillance through walls and other obstacles easily therefore making it easily reliable. They allow greater freedom to place them anywhere since the cameras can’t be identified by the public easily. CCTV cameras tend to use electricity to charge them.

There are two ways in which CCTV cameras work. There are those that use VCR tape recorder and those that use digital video recorder. The digital video recorder has two types; hard drives or stand-alone devices. The amount of digital images that a recorder captures is determined by a lot of factors such as the number of cameras hooked to it and the frames per second recorded. The VCR tape recorders record in either black or white color. The factors that determine how many they record is the number of cameras hooked to the VCR tape recorder.

There are a lot of factors that determine how different security cameras work and how to determine the kind of security camera to choose. One needs to determine how the security cameras work in low light intensity, bright sunlight, how many details they provide and how hard of easy it is for the camera to configure quality images. Other factors also influence how security cameras work, for example, terrain features such as buildings, walls and hills and weather changes such as rain, wind and snow.

It is therefore important to have security cameras since they help a lot, for example they help reduce theft cases, violent crimes and help identify technical challenges. It is therefore important to embrace their use in the society and different organizations since they are highly reliable and affordable. For high quality security camera in Singapore, you can contact us.