We Bring You The Best Security Camera Solutions in Singapore!

Safety and security are such important factors when it comes to anything of importance. In fear of theft or damage to property while no one's looking? Fear not, we are Singapore's premier provider of affordable security and surveillance solutions. With our high quality installation and maintenance methods, our trained professionals are sure to provide you with an unchallenged service experience that is : Quick, Reliable and Affordable.

Preventive Maintenance techniques

Our slogan is to “Provide Customised Solutions To Fit Your Needs” and it is something the staff here at AffordSafe™ keep close to their hearts. All our technicians are trained and equipped with the latest technology in the Surveillance field to ensure that whatever the job; the customised security solutions provided will keep your property safe for decades to come.

Swift and Reliable Service

This is why we have our infrastructure set up for speed. We are ready to assist you with almost any surveillance solution you may possibly need. Our teams have been quick with both installation and arrival, always arriving to your location within the stated time slot and ready to get started; providing you the affordable quality service at unmatched speeds.

Wide Range of Products

From the heavy duty picks to the lightweight solutions, we have any and everything you could possibly want or need from a Security Camera service. We all understand that there is no one fixed solution that solves the problem for everyone, which is why our staff and product lines are highly versatile to meet all your needs.

Collaborative and Customised Solutions

Last but not least, our well-trained and equipped staff members are all flexible when it comes to coming up with a customised solution for your security needs; be it installation of your brand new Security Camera system, or the maintenance of an older set. Our staff stand ready to collaborate with you every step of the way to give you a truly consumer personalised experience and product.

What are you still waiting for? Your property could be at risk as you are reading this! Call us now and we will provide you the necessary safety for your loved ones and your growing business.