In the modern day and age, security is an increasingly important aspect of our lives, so as to keep our assets safe from theft or infringement. If you think about it, security measures are everywhere! Look around you, and you see security measures such as security guards, security sensors at shops, biometric scanners and security cameras. Let’s talk more specifically about security cameras, since they’re easily the most common type of security measure. Why do we use them? Why do they work? Many of us do not think about questions such as these. Let us find out, since we really ought to be knowing more about the one security measure that we see all around us.


Think about why we even use security cameras in the first place. The idea of deterring thieves from stealing probably comes to your mind first, right? It is common knowledge that any ‘aspiring’ thief would be would be far more apprehensive about breaking into and/or stealing from a house or a place of business if they knew they were being watched. Wouldn’t you feel a lot more conscious about possibly stealing that chocolate bar from the candy shop as a child if you knew that you were being watched all along? We’re sure you would have at least had second thoughts of trying. Many possible thefts are thwarted even before implementation because the thief knows that he/she runs a high risk of being caught with the installation of security cameras.

Aid crime investigations

Let us say that maybe, as a child, you did steal that tantalising chocolate bar from the corner shop, while unaware that you were caught doing it on video. The shop owner would have a hard time in guessing, let alone identifying, who stole his bar of chocolate if he didn’t possess the video of the theft in action. However, with a security camera, it becomes simple to identify that one person who’s stolen his chocolate bar, because you see who’s guilty of the theft on the video. Life made simple for the shopkeeper, right? Similarly, security camera footage can be used to identify criminals who have been unsuspectingly caught red-handed on video, and therefore make solving a crime case such as theft a lot simpler.

Can be centrally monitored unlike guards

Let’s take another scenario. There are two guards at a bank, and the bank suddenly is attacked by robbers, and let’s just say the guards were helpless after being caught off guard. After the crime is committed, the police may encounter differences in the two guards’ witness statements which, for example, describe how the assailants looked like. This makes it a lot harder for the police to come up with a suspect profile and therefore makes it harder for the police to look for suspects. However, with a security camera system, one could easily fetch footage from the numerous cameras installed (as the footage is recorded centrally on one storage medium) in the bank and stitch together the information gathered from the combined footage and come up with a possible physical profile of the suspect. This makes the search for the suspects a lot easier, as compared to if they had to rely solely on witness descriptions.

They work all the time

Security cameras don’t take lunch breaks, tea breaks or any breaks at all! They don’t even call it a day when their shift is over and nothing goes unnoticed in the eyes of the security camera. Because there is no need to ‘change shifts’ as we need to with human guards, there is also no window for thieves to break in unnoticed. It is a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a Security Camera. In all seriousness, the security cameras are literally always where you want them to be, and do not have an attention span that is proportionate to the amount of energy they have. Instead, they’re always monitoring what you set them to do so and could even be programmed to trigger an alarm or notify you if it sees anything abnormal, no matter where you are; allowing quick response to crises that occur.

Reading this article should be enough evidence of the effectiveness of a cctv camera Singapore system for our homes, if we were to be honest. Not too sure about you, but these reasons seem like reason enough to get one for your home! For more insights or inquiries, give us a call and your friendly staff will be ready to assist.